My Week 93: Plagued by Aliens

Thursday: Plagued by aliens

At the beginning of June, K went on a bus trip to Washington D.C. She also went to 6 Flags Amusement Park, where she won a life-size, blow-up purple alien. It’s called “Trumbo”.

Me: Oh! You mean like Dalton Trumbo, the American writer and director who was unfairly blacklisted by McCarthy for being a suspected Communist?
K: What? No, our bus driver’s last name was Trumbo.

It was bad enough that half of K’s prom pictures feature her and her assorted friends hanging out with Trumbo, but SOMEONE in the house (Ken) keeps posing him in very human positions, and in very unsettling places. The first time I came downstairs and Trumbo was staring out the window with his hands on the sill was bad enough. Then he was wearing a hoodie and standing by the door, looming over me on the hall tree, or lying prostrate on the floor in front of the door after a “night on the town”. Currently, he’s leaning casually against the couch in the back room. The other day, my aunt was over and thought it was K wearing a costume, that’s how realistic it looks. So, in the near future, if I suddenly disappear, you’ll know I was abducted by aliens. And no jokes about anal probes. I’m serious, Ken.

Trumbo 1

Trumbo 2

7 thoughts on “My Week 93: Plagued by Aliens

  1. Fun fact: villages full of people and livestock have been killed by clouds of carbon dioxide, sometimes from deep, cold lakes that build up massive quantities of the gas. The plausibility of “Houdini and Doyle” ends there.
    Well, Houdini and Doyle were also really good friends but had a falling out. Houdini devoted much of his later life to exposing fake psychics and didn’t believe Doyle’s wife could really talk to dead people. They never worked together to solve crimes.
    The amateurish nature of CBC programming must explain why so many of America’s best comedians are Canadian. They flee here in search of better broadcasting.
    Although I am envious of your range of political parties.

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    • I know–apparently Houdini tried on numerous occasions to convince Doyle that his tricks weren’t really magic, but Doyle was insistent until Houdini showed him up at a dinner party by doing an escape trick then revealing to the audience how it was done. Pretty much ended the friendship–and the dinner!

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  2. What kind of Scotsman is he if anybody can work out what he’s saying without a bit of an effort? Where’s the fun in that? And talking about fun, the Rhinoceros Party sounds awesome (as long as they never get elected to anything, of course).

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  3. The Dickens and Copperfield one was quite clever and makes me question who we have writing our current tv shows. Dickens and Copperfield would not leave something like tall mice go unexplored.

    Are you being fed good tv show ideas by that alien?

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    • Yes, Trumbo is a wonderful muse, although he prefers sitcoms. His latest idea is a show about a man with no emotions who moves in with a with a gang of aliens who are hiding on earth. He calls it “Third Spock from the Sun.” Personally, I think he’s being a bit derivative.

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