Creative Wednesdays – Spillwords Press Author Spotlight

For today’s Creative Wednesday, I’m very grateful to the wonderful people at Spillwords Press, who contacted me in February to ask if they could do an author spotlight on me. Here’s the link to the article, which includes a poem I wrote for my daughter–I hope you enjoy finding out more about me:

26 thoughts on “Creative Wednesdays – Spillwords Press Author Spotlight

  1. Wow Suzanne, I didn’t know you had favorite words. I love that poem about Kate, it’s beautiful. And I’m with you on the pet peeves, people with no empathy and yes, I hate it when my boys move MY stuff from it’s place. I’m like go move your own stuff and leave mine alone.

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  2. That poem for your daughter sounded deceptively simple in its touching complexity and genuine love. That’s what poetry ought to be. Lovely. And now that I know the inspiration for The Dome came to you in a dream, I find it even more fascinating!

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  3. That was a fun read, especially the poem, which is beautiful, and I love that your favorite word is “ethereal”. Now here’s hoping the snow and cold you’re experiencing are, well, perhaps ethereal wouldn’t be the right word, but rather transient.

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  4. What a great interview, Suzanne! I hadn’t heard about that experience that inspired The Seventh Devil! I love learning about those little moments of creative inspiration. My favorite movie when I was a kid — hell, it’s still my favorite — was Back to the Future, and I remember reading at one point that Bob Gale came up with the idea when he was back home for a holiday weekend and found himself flipping through his dad’s high-school yearbook, and he wondered if he and his father would’ve been friends as teenagers. An entire sci-fi franchise grew out of that very simple, relatable instant of what-if curiosity!

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