Creative Wednesdays: The Seventh Devil eBook

Just a quick post to let everyone who asked know that The Seventh Devil is now finally available as an eBook. You can find it here:

In case you scroll down for more product information, you should know that it’s all wrong. This book is 176 pages long, not 31, and about 53 000 words so it’s probably going to take more than an hour to read it. But if you do read it and like it, I’d love it if you could leave it some stars. See you on Sunday!

14 thoughts on “Creative Wednesdays: The Seventh Devil eBook

  1. That looks great, congratulations! That’s annoying when the details are screwed up like that. I’ve found it happens frequently with eBooks and not print books. And if you contact them about it, they just say that info is automatically generated and they are unable to change it.

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  2. Most folks read ~300 words/minute. Some can read 500. Let’s stick with 300 for now: 53,000 / 300 / 60 = just under 3 hours of uninterrupted reading time, or, let’s say 4 with breaks and twinstagram breaks.
    You had to go through your publisher to get that done right?

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