Creative Wednesday: Interview with Willow Croft

Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Willow Croft on her fabulous blog Willow Croft, Bringer of Storms and Nightmares. Her questions were really fun and it gave me a chance to think of some mydangblog style answers. So if you’d like to read it, here it is!

In other news, today is my last day of work at the secret agency. Yesterday was my retirement party and it was the best retirement party I’ve ever been to, even if it hadn’t been for me. I’ll miss being a secret agent, mostly I’ll miss working with such amazing people.

32 thoughts on “Creative Wednesday: Interview with Willow Croft

  1. Congrats Suzanne!! Your officially retired, yay for you and Ken, great adventures await. I’m sure you’ll find some other super secret agent job. You’ve already found you can be a pet detective, an inquiring mind, a funny punner and of course your daily life is worthy of a hubby/wife sitcom. You’ll have plenty of stuff to do now that your retired, I can’t wait to hear about all the adventures of (insert echo here) HEAVY METAL!!!

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  2. I hate to burst your bubble (again) but Paris is incredibly annoying in its loudness and dirtiness and there’s nth really romantic about it. People pissing on the street everywhere or some water constantly flowing down the streets to a storm drain on a non-rainy day or dust-covered plants or plastic bottles in the fountains or toilets that don’t flush kind of dirty. Not to mention millions of tourists everywhere you turn, and rude waiters and bakery workers.

    But then, I still believe the impressionistic part is why it’s worth a visit. And wine and cheese and bread.

    P.S. Québec will always do for a French vibe, right? I found it relaxing, clean and people very friendly. Nb wants to speak English there, though, but c’est la vie.

    And real France is in small towns and villages outside of Paris.

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  3. Enjoyed this interview very much. Especially the part about the possible haunted houses. Because a new program here called “Ghosts” which seems like a cross between your humor and your love of the other worldly experience, just premiered this week.

    I’m puzzled that you have a picture of the alleged haunted snow globe? Did you bury this object after you took the picture? Not important, really, it’s just that I am easily fooled/confused/bamboozled these days.

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