Creative Wednesdays: Defying Gravity

I haven’t posted anything for Creative Wednesdays for a while because I’m working on a short story collection that I’m hoping to get published some day, and does anybody know if publishers will take collections where some of the pieces have been published in online journals? Anyway, I love writing poetry even though I’m not particularly good at it and it’s my birthday dammit, so today, I’ve decided to share a poem with you that I wrote recently. It’s called Defying Gravity and it’s about love and hope.

 Defying Gravity

We spoke of death and life,
Me and you, my child
(More precious to me than a single perfect seashell
Or the vast ocean contained within it)
And you asked, Why carry on?
I remember that you etched futility into the earth
With clenched fists
And said
Fall the petals, fall the leaves,
Fall the tears, fall the knees.
And I replied
But the flowers still turn their faces to the sun,
The trees still strive for the moon,
Winter is the prelude to spring.
Dry your eyes,
Lock your knees; defy gravity.
I scuffed the earth clean
With an open palm
And etched both our hearts into it
So deeply that they couldn’t be erased
By neither you, my child, nor me.

43 thoughts on “Creative Wednesdays: Defying Gravity

  1. That’s beautiful, Suzanne. I’m so used to your humor that this was a touching surprise.

    I’ve heard that some agents and publishers will accept previously published pieces, others not. It’s’ something that needs to be clarified on a case by case basis.

    And thank you for putting your book in the side bar!! Now I can purchase it. 😀

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  2. Beautiful poem! And, Potter’s Grove might take a few pieces that have already been published before. They took 2-3 of my short stories that were already published in lit mags. They just wouldn’t take a large number because they wanted original stuff, which is understandable:) Cheers!

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