44 thoughts on “Midweek Flash!

  1. This gave me chills. And the ending! All the potent subtleties lure us into an ambush of ambiguous foreboding, all in the span of a few paragraphs. Unbelievably executed!!

    Post note: I tried to leave this comment on the site and it blocked me as a potential bot! What the hell? I feel like WP is targeting you and me now since Incurable Dreamer withdrew. 😡

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  2. You’ve clearly been married awhile…

    Nice job, Suzanne!

    My brain just doesn’t process ideas in these kind of short narrative increments; I don’t think this “small” (and I don’t in any way use that description pejoratively, you understand). When you come up with an idea like this, how much time do you spend mulling it over? How do you give it an arc — a point — with so few words to work with? Do you do a lot of rewrites on it…? Just curious to learn a little about your creative process.

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    • 30 years and counting! It’s funny–this one is actually based on a conversation that Ken and I had. Ours was very practical, but I turned it into something dark. As for process, I come up with a key phrase, in this case the first line, and I think about it for a while until the rest of the story forms around it. I usually write in one session for these short pieces, then go back and do a little revising later after my best critic (Ken) has had eyes on it! In terms of arc, I’m always looking for the twisty ending, so usually I’m just thinking “Wouldn’t it be funny or weird or frightening if…”

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  3. Well, that was unsettling. The Sparrow and the Crow die in a head-on car accident, feathers flying, hollow bones snapping. The police were anxious to extinguish the fire for evidence, but the fire captain, a friend of Sparrow’s said, “Let ’em burn.”

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