My Flash Fiction in The Sirens Call

Just a quick mid-week post to share that I have a new piece of flash fiction in the latest  The Sirens Call anthology. It’s a spooky little story called “The Visit” and it’s on page 94—I can’t link straight to it but here’s the link to the anthology if you’d like to read it: The Sirens Call Issue 48. Happy New Year, everyone!

25 thoughts on “My Flash Fiction in The Sirens Call

  1. Congratulations! Normally I’d say you had me at “spooky little story” but the fact is I’ve read enough of your work to make a beeline for your byline any time I see it. And that was wonderfully spooky. I’ll never read a romance novel on the bus ever again.

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  2. Suzanne! Comedy, sci-fi, horror — what can’t you do?! As a lifelong NYC subway rider, I’ve always thought a subway car would be a great setting for a horror yarn! My new novella — a supernatural coming-of-age dark fantasy — features a suspenseful sequence on the 1 train in Manhattan, so it turns out you and I have been tuned into the same creative wavelengths! Excellent story — and congrats on having it published!

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