Long Term? Im trying to get through the day!

Long Term Goals-it’s funny that you ask that.  Yesterday I was cleaning out a drawer and came across a yellow piece of paper that was all folded up. When I unfoled the paper I was staring at a list of “long term goals” I had made for myself when in high school. Our teacher told us to write some goals down, fold the paper up and stick it in our wallets.  The point was that apparentlywe would achieve them easier because they would always be at the back of our mind. 

Do you know what my goals were?

1. Graduate high school and go to university-double major in English and Spanish

2. Go to teacher’s college

3. Become an English and Spanish teacher

4. Be nicer to other people

5. Don’t worry about the small things and be the bigger person in situations of conflict

You know what, that exercise actually worked! I achieved my first 3 goals and of course the last two are ones that I’m constantly working on.

Now, what about my goals for my career? I haven’t really sat down to think about it. Isn’t that funny? We spend all of our childhood planning for the next step, what do you want to be when you’re older. Now that I’m older, why should I stop planning?

So mentor, here are my goals for my career that I’m going to write down, print off and keep in my wallet 🙂   (in no particular order)

1. Get my full honour specialist title (take the Spanish course required)

2. Go to more PD workshops that focus on strategies in the classroom

3. Take more AQ courses-I would really like to take guidance and perhaps get into that later on

4. Continue to develop lessons that interst students and are interactive

5. Not to stress the small stuff-try not to take things so personally


What do you think? Ultimately, when I wanted to get into teaching, I knew that I wanted to be a life learner.  As long as I am always learning new things and using those new things to help me be a better-more well-rounded individual is my overall goal….sound cheesy?

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