My Week 72: Valentine’s Day Competition

Friday: Valentine’s Day should not be a competition

It happens every year, on pretty much every occasion—I get outdone by Ken. It’s bad enough that I have a terrible memory and Ken writes EVERYTHING down:

Ken: Guess what day it is today??!!
Me: Oh, god, no. What day is it?
Ken: It’s the 7
year anniversary of our third date! Here, I got you a little something…
Me: Sigh.

But it’s worse on the major occasions. We’ve been married for over 25 years, and Valentine’s Day is no longer a big deal. Or so I thought. But yesterday, this was the conversation:

Ken: Is it OK if I drop you off at the grocery store? I went to three different places yesterday, and I can’t find the thing I want to get you for Valentine’s Day.
Me: What? You don’t have to get me anything. It’s not a big deal.
Ken: No, I have this thing in mind. You’re really going to like it.
Me: All I got you was some chocolate…
Ken: That’s OK. I just want to get you something special. Do you want to know what it is?
Me: Um…OK?
Ken: It’s a digital picture frame!
Me: But that’s really expensive. All I got you was chocolates.
Ken: But you’re worth it. Don’t worry about it.

So this morning, he gave me a beautiful digital picture frame so I could have pictures of him, K, Titus, Raven, and all kinds of flowers, clouds, fences, and trees when I’m in Toronto. But I won in the end though:

Me: Here’s your chocolate. AND YOUR CARD.
Ken: Oh no! I forgot to get you a card. I’m so sorry.
Me: That’s OK. The present was enough. Don’t worry about it.

I may have snickered a little smugly to myself at that point. But don’t tell Ken. He’ll always be MY Valentine.

5 thoughts on “My Week 72: Valentine’s Day Competition

  1. Now I really want there to be a romantic comedy about you and Ken fighting Champy, the Lake Champlain monster, or Jersey devils, or some other cryptozoologic beasts.
    But only if you write it because your other ideas were brilliant, and until I looked I was convinced “Snow Sharks” was something you’d made up. I should have known it wasn’t, though, because it sounds like a cheap ripoff of “Sharknado” and you don’t need to resort to cheap ripoffs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, thanks for the kind words, Chris! Ken thinks we could totally do it–it’s just finding a good producer and someone to airbrush us! You really have to watch Snowshark if you get a chance–it’s meant to be serious, but I laughed myself silly at it!


  2. I thought all of your movie ideas were wonderful and very tasteful. I think there’s even scope for some crossover down the line, with, say, a Sasquatch Slayer / Chupacabra King showdown. (This time, it’s personal!)

    Liked by 1 person

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