My Week 9 – Weird Ideas, and Girl Lego

Wednesday: I think about weird things.
Here are some of the weird things that I think about.

1) There’s been a lot of road kill lately, and it made me wonder—exactly how far past the “best before date” does a piece of road kill have to be before the vultures won’t eat it? When they’re like “Ooh, that raccoon smells a bit dodgy—better give it a pass, Frank.” Can vultures GET food poisoning, or is that just their job—to eat what no one else can, like nature’s garburator? I don’t know what it is about vultures, but they creep me out, especially the way you can always tell if there’s something about to die in a field because the vultures are circling, like harbingers of doom. I once saw a vulture fly into an opening in the top of someone’s barn, and all I could think was if it was my barn, I would leave in the night without any belongings, because the vultures were trying to tell me something.

2) Why would anyone put up a sign advertising an “Animal Zoo”? I saw this sign the other day, and my first thought was “As opposed to what?” What other kind of zoo is there? An insect zoo? Is it to differentiate itself from a Petting Zoo, letting people know that these animals are NOT the type you would want to pet? Like vultures? Anyway, I looked up the definition of ‘zoo’, and it can also be this: “a situation characterized by confusion and disorder”. So maybe the sign was a warning. I envisioned people running around a small rural property, bumping into each other, swearing, acting all crazy, no one knowing what was going on. Now that’s a zoo I’d pay money to see, even if it DOES sound just like a shopping mall on Black Friday (see next topic).

3) Whose idea was it to have Black Friday on the same day as Buy Nothing Day? Isn’t this a paradox or something? And in case you’re wondering what Black Friday is, see the definition for ‘zoo’, above. Since when do we have Black Friday in Canada? And why would we want to anyway? I just googled Black Friday, and the first thing that came up was “The Worst Black Friday Deaths and Injuries of All Time”. AND THERE WERE 40 OF THEM. So Canadian stores are actively promoting an event where people run the risk of getting killed over a discount on a flat screen TV. I foresee 50 years from now, when Black Friday is a culling event a la The Hunger Games—each village has a lottery, and one lucky teenager gets sent to the mall to fight to the death for home electronics.

Saturday: I discover that Girl Lego is really misogynistic (or maybe super-cunning).

So I forgot to order our Lego Advent Calendar this year (no, this is not a joke). But last night I was on one of those Buy and Sell groups where someone had a new Lego Advent Calendar for sale, and I was immediately all over it. “But”, the woman cautioned, “it’s Girl Lego.” I was like “So? What difference does it make?” and I bought it today. Unfortunately, I was misled by my own naiveté, which had caused me to envision a bulldozer driven by a yellow lady Lego instead of a yellow man Lego. No, gentle reader, the difference is much bigger than that. I knew when I saw that the title on the box said Lego Friends, and the “I” was DOTTED WITH A HEART that I was going to be pretty infuriated. Here’s what I bought. Two female dolls, and their little doll house. The “Lego” figures look like Polly Pockets, or miniature Barbies, NOT those awesome Lego guys with the pointy heads you can put helmets and stuff on. They apparently live together and like to cook in their kitchen with the blender and mixing bowl that comes with the kit. They have a pink and purple couch, a pink and purple toboggan, pink presents, and a white kitty cat who is wearing a purple collar with a pink heart on it. And the worst part is virtually nothing needs to be assembled. I could forgive the colour scheme and the cutesy hearts, because assembly is the great equalizer. However, Lego seems to think that girls are too clumsy or stupid to put things together the way boys can, so almost everything is preassembled for them. Anyway, I was shocked that in 2014, this kind of blatant sexism still exists, that according to Lego, all girls like hearts, the colours purple and pink exclusively, kitty cats, and cooking, and have trouble with manual dexterity. But on the box, there’s a warning that the kit isn’t suitable for children under 3—Lego claims it’s because of a choking hazard, but I think this just gives all of us a chance to make sure our little girls play with lots of regular “boy” Lego before they turn three and have to be exposed to the ridiculous world of Lego stereotypes. Then again, when I examined the scene on the box more closely, the two girls are obviously living together, cosying up on the couch to exchange pink presents, and are planning to host a dinner party with their kitty. Could Lego, in an extremely subtle and subversive way, have created the first Lego Lesbian Couple? Kudos, Lego—maybe I was wrong about you after all.

3 thoughts on “My Week 9 – Weird Ideas, and Girl Lego

  1. Brandewulf says:

    Yup…I get it now…this one truly gave the world a glimpse of the future…and it is REALLY bright!!!

    Thank you for pointing me here. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

    Our way of getting the JW’s to stop coming (there was one around the corner from us in New Orleans), was to answer the door with a raw chicken in one hand (the kind you roast) and a knife in the other hand. Clothing was optional.

    Trust me they passed us by ever after.

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